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Keep Tabs On That Android Smartphone!

24 May

One of the biggest problems parents face while raising their kids is, dealing with their preposterous and audacious demands. One such demand is when the kids feel that they’re old enough to have their own smartphone – what a bummer!! Since when kids started making decisions? When I was a kid, I was much more interested in watching cartoons or playing outside!

android spy app
Anyhow, kids nowadays want a smartphone, and the best that parents can do in such scenario is deny (yeah, we know that can be done for a while!). But after that, parents actually start thinking about getting their child a smartphone, probably affordable and best. Nothing beats Android in this category. Hence, with all the hoopla going around with a new smartphone, it becomes important for you to keep a check on your child’s android. Continue reading


Teenage Tracking With Parental Control Software

24 Jul

father and son watching computerBeing the parents of teenagers can be exhausting. Their snobbish and rebellious attitude, with no reverence for whatsoever you do for them can be really fatiguing. In addition to their already bad behavior, devices today rule their lives and they want more and more privacy for everything. Internet is no doubt an incredible invention along with the devices, that help learning and sharing. But with the outlandish use of computers, smartphones etc have already opened a door for undesirable companies and strangers to slaughter our kids online. Continue reading

Reasons Why You Should Spy Your Kids Smartphones

6 Jul

spy kids smartphonesParents very well know  how demanding the kids can get, especially when they demand hi-fi gadgets, that too when the parents don’t own it themselves. Using the smartphones and other devices is not a brain storming issue, fairly easy to operate with excelled operating systems, these smartphones come up with a lot on their plate. No wonder more than the adults, kids insist their parents to get them smartphones. Continue reading