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Year 2014 Review: Best Android And iPhone Tracking App

6 Jan

The technologically driven society has flipped the world to some other extent. This techy era has actually come as a bliss and eased the life of a layman. Thankfully they sliced applications for each and every thing.


The listed down are considered as the best Android and iPhone tracking applications that aid you in searching and tracking the lost mobile. Follow along to check.

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Can I Track A Cell Phone Location Using My Computer?

28 Apr

Can I Track A Cell Phone Location Using My Computer

Yes! A lot of people drop in similar queries. They want to be able to track a cell phone, specifically its GPS location. There are many reasons why people want to do this; parents want to ensure that their kids are safe, wives want to know where their husbands are stuck, people want to be sure that their old parents are fine, employees want to find out where are the employees, while a few want to track their own lost or stolen phone.

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How To Track iPhone GPS Location

7 Apr

iphone gps trackingApple has been pioneer in hi-tech lifestyle gadgets, and when we talk about Apple’s successful devices, we can’t miss iPhone. iPhone has everything that people need, but did you know that it can be used to track GPS location in real time?

GPS location feature has become a major part of all smartphones. The internet you use on your phone, the maps and navigation help you take from it – all uses GPS. Hence, internet and GPS go together. iPhone, combined with internet and intelligent GPS works as an exceptional GPS tracking device. But if you want to track iPhone GPS location, then you need a stealth way to maintain a log of all the locations. Continue reading

Track Your Employees and Kids Location With GPS Tracking Software!

25 Sep

GPS Phone TrackerLife is quite tricky; people trick and fool each other. Where things are meant to be used and people meant to be loved, the reality is quite bitter! You set up a business, and find your own employees fooling you. You give everything to  your kids; they deceive you hard! What’s up with the world? Continue reading