Year 2014 Review: Best Android And iPhone Tracking App

6 Jan

The technologically driven society has flipped the world to some other extent. This techy era has actually come as a bliss and eased the life of a layman. Thankfully they sliced applications for each and every thing.


The listed down are considered as the best Android and iPhone tracking applications that aid you in searching and tracking the lost mobile. Follow along to check.

1. Android Lost

android lostA free and extremely papery phone tracking mobile application which helps you in locating your lost phone in no time. You can effectively monitor your phone remotely and consequently find your handset by spotting its exact location in the web interface or else by way of receiving random messages. Furthermore, though very spartan in nature but it has got multiple useful features. With this you can not only trigger the location of the phone but can also click pictures, unlock or lock it, etc. Invest $5 for its premium features and get benefitted with aspects which enable you to remotely turn off/on the phone, content browser etc.

2. Find My iPhone (iOS)


This app is considered as one of the best set of remedies to spot your missing iOS devices viz. iPhone, iPod, iPad or MacBook. Get it planted on any other iOS gadget and then sign in with your Apple ID which need to be tracked. This will let you detect your iPhone on a Google map. You can extract a driving navigation routing from lost Apple device. Plus, you can customize the cell phone with screen lock and thus can remotely lock the mobile screen to avoid intervening. God forbid if you couldn’t recover your device, with smart app you can wash off the cell phone information remotely.

3. Imobispy


Imobispy is one of the ace apps which does not only helps you in tracing your misplaced cell phone but also lets you monitor your family members and workforce. You need to get the targeted mobile phone equipped with this spy software and thus can start monitoring it remotely and incognly, thereafter. It has number of features which allows you to scan the information of the mobile phone. If you’ve planted your own phone with this spy app then you can pinpoint your vanished phone through its amazing GPS location tracker and thereafter can bag your device in very less time. Besides this, with the aid of this you can see all the information of the cell phone even if it is deleted by the thief. It is compatible with all the present generation mobile Operating Systems like iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

4. Android Device Manager


The roll-out of the Android Device Manager has been announced as the remote control to search your lost mobile phone. It is already clear that this app too, like that of others, lets you plot your lost phone but additionally allows you to turn your phone on ringer mode when it is on silent, also you can get your phone password protected, and many more.

5. Lookout (Android, iOS)


This has a fascinating feature that serve you with the capability to save your mobile’s location when it is running out of its battery. This aspect is significantly known as a Signal Flare. It also points your misplaced gadget by enabling its high-volume alarm. It also lets you grab the back-up of the contacts when it’s already lost. With the help of it’s upgraded version you can wipe out all your phone’s information lest it is misused by the thief.

To prevent the mishandling of your phone you need to do these pre-theft exercises. If you have not equipped your phone with any of the aforementioned application then get it done today, It’s crucial.


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