Keep Tabs On That Android Smartphone!

24 May

One of the biggest problems parents face while raising their kids is, dealing with their preposterous and audacious demands. One such demand is when the kids feel that they’re old enough to have their own smartphone – what a bummer!! Since when kids started making decisions? When I was a kid, I was much more interested in watching cartoons or playing outside!

android spy app
Anyhow, kids nowadays want a smartphone, and the best that parents can do in such scenario is deny (yeah, we know that can be done for a while!). But after that, parents actually start thinking about getting their child a smartphone, probably affordable and best. Nothing beats Android in this category. Hence, with all the hoopla going around with a new smartphone, it becomes important for you to keep a check on your child’s android.

Is It Important To Monitor My Child’s Android?

Regardless of how your child is, you should make it a routine to monitor your teen’s android smartphone. The same goes for their laptops and tablets. This is perhaps a good habit to make sure that your kids aren’t up to something fishy – accessing inexplicit content, downloading unnecessary apps and the list goes on.

Since android has a wide variety of free apps, there is a higher possibility of your teen getting all sorts of unwanted and ridiculous apps. Most of these apps are spam or lead to a spammy website. Who’d want their child to end up watching porno? If you have an option to monitor android phone, then why not use that option?

How To Monitor Android Smartphone?

Monitoring an android phone can be easily done by using Imobispy Android spy app. The app can be easily installed in your teen’s smartphone, without having to root it. Rooting would be only required if you want to spy on some specific apps such as WhatsApp or Viber etc. Anyhow, the apps installation would initiate a basic level monitoring, which is far more satisfying.

With the help of android spying app, you would be able to access the following information:

  • Call logs and contact list
  • All text messages of inbox and outbox.
  • Web history.
  • Email history – sent and received.
  • GPS tracking (the best tool for parents!)

Most of the parents would be contented with this much information. But we suggest you to monitor their IM chats as well, though this is only possible if their android is rooted. Rooting their android will help you get your way round their IM chats such as WhatsApp. Since most of the fishy talks happen over these apps, you will definitely want to scan through your child’s chats. If you want to do so, then simply root your child’s android and upgrade the android spy app.


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