How To Spy On His/Her Text Messages?

21 Apr

Him: ..babe, we haven’t had so much fun in a while!
Her: Yea! Finally we could make ourselves some time

*Message Ringtone*

Her: Who’s messaging you at this hour?
Him: … (silently staring at his smartphone with a smirk)
Her: can you at least look at me? I’mma need us to work on our relationship!
Him: … (Disinterested!)
Her: This is it! I’ve had enough, you can shove it up your ***!

spy on her text messagesThink of enjoying a calm evening with your loved one, all of a sudden your quality time gets interfered by a stupid text sent to your spouse by his/her colleague. This isn’t a scene from a movie, instead these kind of things keep on happening in our day to day life. Though our spouse don’t intend to hurt us, it may never be on their minds, but they just can’t ignore their smartphones.

But many a times the text they received might have a story behind it, perhaps your spouse spends too much attention to these text messages. What could more drive you insane than the fact that they have locked their phone. It’s time to find out what’s been cooking; time to track their cell phone!

Is Spying Rightful?

Before you consider about spying on his/her SMS, it’s best to find out whether spying is the best option. For instance, rethink the following situations:

  • You’ve had it with them and there’s no way they are telling you anything!
  • They act all sneaky and coy in front of you.
  • They hide things in their cell phone.
  • Wait did we tell you they hide things in their phone?
  • Hell yeahh! they do hide things from you!
  • What about that big fat password on their phone and laptop that even you’re not told?
  • Yups, they are hiding quite a bunch of things from you!

If you’ve agreed to every single thing mentioned above (perhaps your list might be long than ours!) then you have the right to know the truth.

How To Spy On His/Her SMS?

Spy on your spouse’s text message easily with a cell phone spy app such as Imobispy which is just a simple app that lets you to take continuous backup of the target person’s SMS and other cell phone activities. This differs from most of the apps because firstly, this app is supposed to be installed on the cell phone of that person whom you wish to spy, secondly the person whose phone is being monitored does not get any clue regarding the app – the app is entirely STEALTH! Also, you’re the one who can get access to all the recorded information.

  • Cell phone spying app will let you view all their text messages from a computer.
  • View the sent, received and even deleted text messages of them.
  • View all the information remotely.
  • Get all the time and date information regarding the messages.

You just need to install the app secretly on his/her phone and get access to all their text messages, it’s as simple as that!


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