How To Track iPhone GPS Location

7 Apr

iphone gps trackingApple has been pioneer in hi-tech lifestyle gadgets, and when we talk about Apple’s successful devices, we can’t miss iPhone. iPhone has everything that people need, but did you know that it can be used to track GPS location in real time?

GPS location feature has become a major part of all smartphones. The internet you use on your phone, the maps and navigation help you take from it – all uses GPS. Hence, internet and GPS go together. iPhone, combined with internet and intelligent GPS works as an exceptional GPS tracking device. But if you want to track iPhone GPS location, then you need a stealth way to maintain a log of all the locations.

How To Track iPhone GPS Location Smartly?

Apple has its own app Find my iPhone, which can be your go-to app in order to track iPhone GPS location. But this works well for personal iPhone tracking, in cases such as lost or stolen iPhone. What if you want a little something more, for example if you want to track your spouse’s iPhone location, or maybe your child’s or employee’s, then obviously you’d want something more concrete and invisible that stays out of sight of the iPhone owner.

iPhone tracker app works wonder in such scenario when you want to keep the GPS tracking low profile. All you need to do is install it on the target iPhone, but before that make sure that the target iPhone has been Jailbroken. If it has not undergone Jailbreak process, there’s no way you will be able to install this app or any other third party app in that iPhone. So, first things first, Jailbreak the iPhone which you want to track.

Installation Process Check List:

  • Jailbreak iPhone.
  • Download and install iPhone tracking app in the jailbroken iPhone.
  • The installation process will take a couple of minutes and will take place quickly.
  • After the installation, hide the Cydia app (Which we assume you have used to perform jailbreak process).

What Does iPhone Tracking app Track Besides GPS?

Apparently, its interesting to know that this app does much more than just location tracking. Of course you will get timely details about location of the monitored iPhone, but following are the other things that will be a bonus to your monitoring routine:

  1. Call logs, sms logs, email logs
  2. Multimedia access to the monitored iPhone.
  3. Contacts list.
  4. Instant messaging chats (Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber).
  5. GPS Location.
  6. Date & time information of all the activities and much more.


All of the tracked information will be sent to your online user account where you can keep a check on all the activities of the monitored iPhone.

Who should be using this App?

iPhone tracker app would best suit people like employers, parents or couples. Although, there are consequences to using this app because you’ll be literally spying them 24×7. It’s best to take their permission, or inform them prior.


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