Year 2014 Review: Best Android And iPhone Tracking App

6 Jan

The technologically driven society has flipped the world to some other extent. This techy era has actually come as a bliss and eased the life of a layman. Thankfully they sliced applications for each and every thing.


The listed down are considered as the best Android and iPhone tracking applications that aid you in searching and tracking the lost mobile. Follow along to check.

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Keep Tabs On That Android Smartphone!

24 May

One of the biggest problems parents face while raising their kids is, dealing with their preposterous and audacious demands. One such demand is when the kids feel that they’re old enough to have their own smartphone – what a bummer!! Since when kids started making decisions? When I was a kid, I was much more interested in watching cartoons or playing outside!

android spy app
Anyhow, kids nowadays want a smartphone, and the best that parents can do in such scenario is deny (yeah, we know that can be done for a while!). But after that, parents actually start thinking about getting their child a smartphone, probably affordable and best. Nothing beats Android in this category. Hence, with all the hoopla going around with a new smartphone, it becomes important for you to keep a check on your child’s android. Continue reading

Can I Track A Cell Phone Location Using My Computer?

28 Apr

Can I Track A Cell Phone Location Using My Computer

Yes! A lot of people drop in similar queries. They want to be able to track a cell phone, specifically its GPS location. There are many reasons why people want to do this; parents want to ensure that their kids are safe, wives want to know where their husbands are stuck, people want to be sure that their old parents are fine, employees want to find out where are the employees, while a few want to track their own lost or stolen phone.

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How To Spy On His/Her Text Messages?

21 Apr

Him: ..babe, we haven’t had so much fun in a while!
Her: Yea! Finally we could make ourselves some time

*Message Ringtone*

Her: Who’s messaging you at this hour?
Him: … (silently staring at his smartphone with a smirk)
Her: can you at least look at me? I’mma need us to work on our relationship!
Him: … (Disinterested!)
Her: This is it! I’ve had enough, you can shove it up your ***!

spy on her text messagesThink of enjoying a calm evening with your loved one, all of a sudden your quality time gets interfered by a stupid text sent to your spouse by his/her colleague. This isn’t a scene from a movie, instead these kind of things keep on happening in our day to day life. Though our spouse don’t intend to hurt us, it may never be on their minds, but they just can’t ignore their smartphones. Continue reading

How To Spy On WhatsApp

15 Apr

whatsapp spy for iphoneWhatsApp, THE most simple and famous instant messaging application made for smartphones is the best you can get! It is relatively simple, ad free and user friendly, which is why more and more users are registering with it. If you have ever felt the slightest spur to spy on somebody’s WhatsApp messages, then this article is for you! Sit back, relax and take some notes as we will explain everything you need to know.. Continue reading

How To Track iPhone GPS Location

7 Apr

iphone gps trackingApple has been pioneer in hi-tech lifestyle gadgets, and when we talk about Apple’s successful devices, we can’t miss iPhone. iPhone has everything that people need, but did you know that it can be used to track GPS location in real time?

GPS location feature has become a major part of all smartphones. The internet you use on your phone, the maps and navigation help you take from it – all uses GPS. Hence, internet and GPS go together. iPhone, combined with internet and intelligent GPS works as an exceptional GPS tracking device. But if you want to track iPhone GPS location, then you need a stealth way to maintain a log of all the locations. Continue reading

Monitor Android Phones With Android Tracking App

4 Apr

monitor android phoneAndroid smartphones are all over the place! Smartphone giants such as Samsung have totally made it a point that every person on this earth should at least have a smartphone, and thanks to Android, almost everyone has one. Anyhow, if you have been looking out for an effective way to monitor android phone, then keep on reading this article…

Initially when Android smartphones were launched, there was no sign of any app which would be made in future to help with android monitoring. But with the raised need, Android tracking app was designed. Since android phones are apps driven, it was a good idea to come up with an app which would be helpful to keep a check on the android usage. Continue reading